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The purpose of GRACE Team is to provide an educational, spiritual and practical challenge for young people within the Salvation Army with leadership potential and to help them increase their leadership abilities, and to train those young people for future service and Christian leadership, at Camp NEOSA, the Salvation Army Corps, or elsewhere.

GRACE Team are considered Junior Staff while employed at Camp NEOSA.  They rotate jobs each camp session to get experience in all areas of camp including operations, counseling and program.

Requirements of the GRACE Team Program:

  • Must be between the ages of 15-17 (14 under Camp Director's discretion)
  • Must turn in completed Salvation Army Corps Cadet work for Sept - May or complete equivalent program
  • Must have Salvation Army Corps Officer / Pastor Recommendation
  • Must be accepted into the program by the Camp Director
  • Must turn in a completed WORK PERMIT prior to arriving to work at Camp NEOSA for those under the age of 16  

To apply for GRACE Team, please click here.