Sending Your Child to Camp

Whether this is your child's first visit to camp or they are a veteran camper, the experience can be an adventure and a memory of a lifetime.  Any trip away from home can be a little scary for a child.  Below are a few suggestions that may help get your child ready for camp.

1. Talk about the activities they will be doing at camp:

        Swimming, hiking, arts and crafts, fishing, boating, and sleeping out are just a few.  Let them know there are adults who will be with them helping to make the most out of each activity.


Do Not Bring

any electronics (cd players, mp3 players, cell phones, gaming devices, etc.)

knives of any length and any kind of gun or weopon

Other necessities

bath and swim towels (at least 2)
soap and shampoo
brush and comb
pillow and pillow case

2. Decide what to pack

jacket and rainwear
sweater and/or sweatshirt (2)
long pants (for hikes in the woods) (2 pair)
shorts (4-6 pair)
swimsuit (1 piece for girls)
dress clothes for sunday church
sneakers or other play shoes
sandals or flipflops (for beach wear)
underwear and socks (at least 6 sets)
plastic bags for wet clothing

3. Help your child to feel safe at camp:

        While phones and computers are not available to campers, let them know that you will be sending them an email to  We will personally print the email and hand it to the camper.  You can also see pictures of them on here under the Media section as well as on Facebook Just send us a friend request to Camp NEOSA.


It is a good idea to mark child's name on personal items for quick and easy identification.  The camp will not be responsible for lost items or clothing, so we recommend old clothing be brought to camp by campers.

A Few Notes about Camp

Should an emergency arise and you need to contact us or need us to deliver a message to your child, please do not hesitate to contact us at 330-735-2671.  

Our office hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm during sessions.  

Internet at camp is not very reliable so sometimes it is difficult to impossible to upload pictures.  Please know that campers and staff are still having a great time and we will always notify you immediately of any situations as necessary.
If you would like to visit camp, please schedule a time with our Camp Director in advance.  Unschedule visits will be asked to leave the camp grounds.  
In the event that it is necessary for you to pick up your child early from camp, please call in advance.  We will only release campers to the parent or guardian listed on the application form and you will need to show valid Photo Identification.
There is so much activity going on at camp that children often misplace clothing in various locations.  If the clothing is marked with their name, our staff will make every effort to return it them before leaving.
Please be advised that Camp NEOSA may call home if their behavior is disruptive or harmful to other campers or staff.  Parents or guardian are required to arrange travel in these cases.

Emergencies and Medical Information

If your child is on any type of medication (over the counter or prescription), please be sure it is brought with them to camp.  It will be stored under lock and key with our nurse.
In the case of illness or injury, it may become necessary for a child to leave camp early.  Please be sure that the names and phone numbers for your emergency contacts are correct and working properly.  In the event that we can not reach the parent or guardian, this information becomes extremely important. If you will be unavailable while your child is at camp, please provide the camp with a phone number where you can be reached.
Be sure to complete all areas of the health history form.  Your child will need to be examined by a physician within the last 12 months.  It is important that the parental release is signed so your child may be treated by a physician or hospital in the case of an emergency.  No child will be allowed to stay on the camp grounds with out the release being signed.  Any special diet or activity restrictions should be identified on the form.  If your child has ever had asthma, the asthma waiver form must be signed.